Their origins can be traced back to California and the 1930’s. The vast dry lake beds north of Los Angeles were popular venues to race cars, so it became common place to modify cars to get maximum performance out of them. This included getting rid of extra weight. Original Hotrods were older cars like Ford model T’s or Model A’s, so the first things to go were bumpers, convertible tops, fenders, bonnets and often windscreens. Wider wheels were fitted for improved traction and the cars motors were either modified or replaced with bigger ones. Bodies were channeled as to fit lower on the chassis giving the car a lower overall stance. The Ford Flathead V8 was a popular choice at the time because a lot of the parts were interchangeable. In the 50’s and 60’s the early V8 hemi became the popular choice and by the early 70’s the small block Chevy V8 was the engine of choice. Over the years Hotrod culture has changed and has become more sociable and is an activity that the whole family can get involved in. Hotrods gave rise to a host of associated categories such as Street Rods, Classic Customs, Rat Rods and many more.

3 Window Classic Rod

Authentic Hot Rod

Deuce 3 Window Mercury Lead Sled
Rat Rod T Bucket Rod