If any “Home Grown” muscle cars really stick out , it is the Ford Capri Perana and the Chevy Firenza Can Am. They were uniquely South African.

Developed by Basil Green, only 500 were made. The Perana had a 5.0 litre 302 Windsor motor and 4 speed gearbox commonly found in the Ford Mustang. Among the modifications to make this car were firmer spring ratings, a stronger modified cross member and reinforcing around the strut towers. The front brakes also got harder brake linings. The radiator was a purpose made unit especially for the Perana. Because the V8’s sump was in a different position as opposed to the V6’s, a different rack and pinion steering unit was used, which was now mounted at the back of the cross member. The rear axle was a Borg Warner XF unit. The propshaft was also purpose made for the Perana. The light body coupled with a V8 that produced around 220 kW gave the car frightening performance. However the brakes were not the best and it made for a hair raising drive. They were successful on the local racing scene in their Gunston livery.
Ford Capri Perana

The Firenza Can Am was the brainchild of SA racing drivers Basil van Rooyen and Geoff Mortimer, produced in 1973 to compete on local circuit racing. Using a V8 that was a race spec unit for use in the Z28 Camaro and a 4 speed Muncie gearbox the car weighed around 1100kg’s giving it a good power to weight ratio. The V8 produced 216kW and the car could accelerate from 0-100 in under 6 seconds and was capable of around 230km/h. The body was stock Firenza with stronger mechanicals and harder spring ratings. The interior was also stock except for a sportier steering wheel and gear knob. Another feature was the aluminum bootwing.

Firenza Can Am